The role of plants in increasing comfort of work in offices

When introducing plants to offices, we usually follow aesthetic considerations, but we shouldn’t focus on the decorative function of plants only. They also have a positive impact on:

– the psyche of people staying in their surroundings,

– air humidification, which is usually a big problem in air-conditioned rooms,

– air quality (due to negative ionization of air, binding volatile substances hazardous to health, and increasing the amount of oxygen in the room, which improves the efficiency of human work).

The easiest and cheapest way of bringing plants into work space is buying pot plants. This type of vegetation allows you to decorate window sills and also to mask walls separating individual work stations. In large rooms you can create green islands or install trees in pots. A more demanding solution, but allowing introduction of intense vegetation without occupying a large area, is the implementation of vertical gardens. They are built of various plant species, depending on factors such as available space or the aesthetics of the interior. Materials used to build such walls can be environmentally friendly and even biodegradable.

In rooms with no access to natural light it’s a good idea to introduce panels with moss. They can be combined into modular compositions. To maintain fresh colour, they need 40-50% of air humidity. They do not require additional irrigation, pruning or fertilizing.

A few companies specialize in creating green walls. Who would like to work in a green interior?

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