Anger triggers fear on the opposing side and builds walls that cannot be penetrated by reason

I am a Christian and I am not in favor of killing, no matter if it involves adults or children, even in very early stages of life. Nevertheless, I am aware that banning the abortion of terminally ill or severely handicapped fetuses will generate an even greater evil in the form of an underground abortion market, where procedures will be performed in poor hygienic conditions by poorly trained people. Rich women will simply go to a country where they will perform this procedure legally in conditions that do not threaten their life and health. Less privileged women will be at risk of losing their health or even dying.

Do I have to impose my beliefs on others? In my opinion, absolutely not! First and foremost, If God wanted to force us to act according to His will, He would not give us free will. We have received the gift of free will from Him, because He wants us to choose Him and follow His paths. So, do we have the right to deprive others of this freedom? Secondly: paradoxically, perhaps more women will decide to have a sick child if we allow them to decide and, as a society, we support them well, not only when this decision is being taken, but also throughout the child’s life.

Therefore, I object to the change in the abortion law, but I think the key thing is to express this opinion in a dignified, calm, loving and merciful manner. I believe that by acting in this way we will demonstrate strength and determination, at the same time encouraging conversation and facilitating communication. If we allow ourselves to express our anger, we will release fear in our opponents. We will give them strength arm them with arguments against us. Anger and fear will build walls which the mind cannot penetrate. Serious bloodshed will be just a step away from there.

Therefore, I am calling for the Blue Revolution organised in the spirit of dignity and love. Armed with dignity and love, we will be stronger and we will decisively eliminate the arguments of fear and hatred. Let blue lightning be our symbol.

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